Sick House Solutions

The Self-Help Guide to Indoor Air Pollution


Solutions to the worst indoor pollution enigmas ranging from sick house syndrome, mold carpet syndrome, toddlers asthma, rash allergy and so much more . . . all in a workbook format!

This exclusive book is a first in the world of indoor air pollution publications and is written in a simple to understand format. It is loaded with factual, scientific and useful information regarding all aspects of indoor environmental quality, health and safety.

Sick House Solutions also details the Total Environmental Approach Methodology (T.E.A.M.) system, the scientifically proven approach to controlling indoor air pollution and improving indoor air quality.

This downloadable eBook reveals some closely guarded secrets that have transformed a thousand other households...and continues to be used by an average of 12 new households per day.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in this exhaustive book . . .

  • The whole story about "Black Mold" and how dangerous it is! (page 92) 
  • Everything you need to know about mold and bacteria in the home! (pages 33, 83-84, 91-93)
  • Why the wrong cleaning methods can make your indoor air pollution worse! (page 23) 
  • How to make a drastic improvement in asthma and allergy symtpoms in the first 24 hours! (page 32)
  • Important questions to ask yourself before taking steps to improve your air pollution! (pages 19-23) 
  • How to choose the right scientifically proven technologies to control your indoor air pollution! (pages 22-23, 27)
  • How to control indoor pests without creating indoor air pollution problems! (pages 86-90) 
  • The "First 7 Days and Beyond" plan in the T.E.A.M. system chapter gives you step-by-step instructions to assure your success towards a healthy indoor environment! (pages 30-32) I receive more "thank you" letters about this section than the whole book combined. 
  • The real reason behind "Dirty Ducts" and why you may never need to have your ducts cleaned again. (page 23) 
  • How and when to test for indoor air pollutants! (pages 94-95)
  • How poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can affect everyone's health! (page 12) 
  • A cool way to know if you have vacuumed enough! (pages 19-20) People have sent many letters stating their excitement after using this tip!
  • Also includes an alphabetical Problem/Pollutant Guide to the most common pollutants broken down by; Name, Description, Source, Exposure, Corrective Action and Control Measures! This section also has an Action Comments and Results Tracking form for each pollutant. (pages 33-78) WOW, it's a huge section! 
  • Complete with original charts, diagrams, tables and images to visually show details whenever needed!
    And that's not nearly all! 

You'll discover much more in the exclusive "Sick House Solutions" book.

And what's really great is that . . .

You Can Be Absorbing This Amazing System In Minutes!

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