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stan-hallStan K. Hall (The Sick House Doctor) is a recognized expert in Indoor Air Quality and has performed over 400 sick house investigations in the past 25 years.

Mr. Hall has been recommended by doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals for his expertise in diagnosing sick house symptoms also known as "sick house syndrome". Throughout the years, he has formulated a scientific occupant questionnaire and protocol for diagnosing sick houses. His diagnosing methods can identify many environmental and safety deficiencies without the need for timely or expensive laboratory testing. His exclusive methods have helped hundreds of homeowners make their homes a haven for themselves and family members. Read more about his consulting expertise here. 

Mr. Hall is the author of the widely acclaimed Sick House Solutions and has published handbooks and articles on related subjects. He is well known as the originator of T.E.A.M. (Total Environmental Approach Methodology), the scientifically proven approach to controlling and resolving Indoor Air Pollution issues.

His company, Megaclean Incorporated, has provided quality environmental remediation services throughout the United States for numerous commercial and industrial clients including AT&T, DFW International Airport, General Instruments, Honeywell, Lucent Technologies and Texas Instruments just to name a few. Because of Mr. Hall’s vast knowledge of biological contaminants, Megaclean Incorporated is considered one of the leading experts for mold cleanup.

From The Sick House Doctor

I want to thank you personally for coming to Over the years my passion has been to educate people about indoor air pollution and it's effect on their health and well-being. Unfortunately, many health practitioners do not have a good understanding about the issues a person may be facing from indoor air pollution in their own homes. More times than not a chronic illness can be tied to an indoor environmental issue in the home and the problem at hand goes far beyond having one’s ductwork cleaned.

Whether your perspective is to learn more about mold, allergies, asthma, indoor air quality, home safety or just to search for a solution to an indoor air pollution problem, this web site gives you the important information you need to know. I regularly post new articles and documents on this site to help keep you informed about these important issues.

I encourage you to take a look at my eBook, Sick House Solutions and read about the many benefits it provides. I offer 4 FREE valuable bonuses with the book for all readers of this web site as a way to thank you for supporting us. This valuable book provides people with a proven system to diagnose and solve indoor air and environmental problems themselves.

I believe information is paramount to understanding and solving any problem at hand. Each book sold helps us maintain this web site and it gives you the information needed on your journey to a resolution of your indoor air pollution objective.

I also offer Consultation Packages for persons needing additional help to figure out and solve more difficult problems. Please note: The Sick House Solutions book is included with all consulting packages as well as other items to get you started before your first consulting session. Click here to go to the Consultant Services page. 

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