Top 10 Tips Regarding EMF

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are all around us in our modern society. It is believed that moderate exposure to EMF is not a threat to human health. However, long-term exposures to the head area is believed to put a human at a higher possibility of contracting certain cancers.

EMF protection should be of paramount concern to all parents who have small children in the home.



1. Avoid standing close (within 12") of electric stoves during extended cooking times.
2. Avoid long exposures (over 4 hours) between 2-way switches. A 2-way switch is when there are 2 separate switches that control the same load. Many times, there is a strong EMF measurement between these 2 switches.
3. Avoid sleeping with your head within 12" of any electric device or appliance for extended periods of time.
4. Do not run wires directly under furniture you intend to use for extended periods of time. Limit your pets from sleeping on or adjacent to electrical wires.
5. Do not rent a house or apartment nor purchase a house adjacent to high power lines.
6. Do not sit or stand for extended periods of time adjacent to computer monitors or televisions.
7. Keep telephone handsets, hair dryers and electric razors as far away from your head as possible. Remember, there may be an accumulative effect of long-term exposure from appliances held near the head.
8. Never use an electric blanket for more than 1 hour at any given time. Electric blankets should never be held within 12" of the head.
9. Limit your cell phone usage without the use of external microphones. Never allow young children to use cell phones.
10. Consider purchasing a EMF meter (Gauss measuring device) to measure areas of concern and avoid areas where the field is above 1 mG (milliGauss). Many Gauss meter models may be purchased for less than $100. It is important to note that EMF's pass through walls and always check to see if a high reading is coming from an adjacent room.

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