Top 10 Mold Prevention Tips

Mold prevention and mildew prevention in the indoor environment is a matter of being aware of daily events. Here are some important mold control tips that will help you identify key areas of concern.


1. Maintain levels of humidity below 60% (preferably between 30% and 50%).

2. Bathrooms, dryers and other moisture-producing areas should be vented to the outdoors.

3. Avoid blockage of air conditioning return air vents and supply air diffusers.

4. Use air conditioners and de-humidifiers when needed to draw excess humidity from the indoor air.

5. Increase ventilation by installing additional crawlspace and attic vents, opening windows when necessary.

6. Use exhaust fans when cooking and washing dishes.

7. Keep the air conditioning thermostat set to “auto” to prevent circulation of excessive humid air.

8. Make sure all central HVAC (heating,ventilation, air conditioning) ducting is thoroughly insulated with no exposed surfaces to attic or crawl spaces.

9. Inspect your home monthly for sources of excessive indoor moisture.

10. Inspect roof or plumbing leak areas immediately once a problem is known. Have the repair done as quickly as possible to minimize damage and mold buildup from occuring.

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