Top 10 Considerations Before Moving

A healthy move decision is a major consideration when relocating. You can drastically affect the "How To Be Healthy" quotient if you first consider the location to which you move to. If you are considering a move and need help evaluating a potential location, please use the following points from the book Indoor Air: Risks and Remedies by Richard Crowther.




* Additional notes added by the Sick House Doctor are depicted in BLUE


1. Locate in a city, town or country that has minimal air pollution. Preferably one with the least amount of industry which may pollute the air.


2. Locate your new residence on a hill rather than in a valley, where pollution is more apt to concentrate.


3. Do not locate near a roads, bridges, major highway or a traffic intersection.


4. Do not locate near a railroad which may carry hazardous materials.


5. Do not locate near an airfield or airport. Airplans not only stir up much pollution but there are also allowed to dump fuel over the surroundings areas in emergency landing situations.


6. Locate away from any stagnant waterways. This would also include small ponds, rivers and creeks which have stagnant water present which could elevate mold levels in your immediate neighborhood.


7. If moving to a city, ask to review an air quality record of the past several years. These are available for viewing in the local Environmental Affairs office of most cities or towns.


8. Locate near a park, near a forest or within a natural setting. However, it is also important to make sure their are no stagnant water areas present.


9. Check municipal water quality records. These are available for viewing in the local Environmental Affairs office of most cities or towns.


10. Before buying a property, get soils, radon and water testing performed. Check reference carefully before hiring a testing contractor.


Important Note:

In addition, I would also add that you should consider checking for the presence lead paint dust before buying an older property built prior to 1978. It is also recommended that you check for the presence of dead mold spores within any property you are considering purchasing, especially if it has had any type of water leak in the past.


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