Top 10 Allergy Types

Most all types of allergies can be traced to the exposure to certain airborne contaminants found indoors and/or outdoors. Here are the top 10 causes directly related to an allergy type and which is commonly described within an allergy report.




The following allergy types are listed in alphabetical order:


1. Allergic rhinitis. Also known as "hay fever" this type of allergy affects the upper respiratory tract.


2. Asthma. Asthma is considered a more dangerous allergy type which can result in shortness of breath due to a narrowing of the lungs bronchial tubes.


3. Common house dust. House dust can contain up to 100 different type of particles which can cause chronic allergies in the home environment. Controlling your indoor environment is discussed in detail in the Sick House Solutions book.


4. Drug allergy. This type of allergy is more common than believed and can be related to symptoms of hives, rashes, stuffy nose, wheezing, dizziness and sweeling of body parts.


5. Dust mite allergies. These microscopic critters are related to the spider and feed off of dead skin cells. They are common in creating chronic childhood asthma and allergies. Allergic individuals are actually allergic to the protein found in the dust mite feces themselves.


6. Food allergy. This type of allergy is most commonly found in children and is usually caused by fish, eggs, milk, nuts or wheat containing products.


7. Latex allergy. Most commonly triggered by latex gloves and condoms, this type of allergy has seen a rise in recent years. Individuals are actually allergic to the latex protein found in latex products.


8. Mold allergy. Mold is a very common type of allergy in the home environment and can many times be related to chronic allergies when investigated. Persons who are very allergic to many pollens are typically more allergic to molds than other allergy sufferers. Controlling your indoor environment is discussed in detail in the Sick House Solutions book.


9. Pet allergy. Many people assume that they are allergic to the pet themselves while the real culprit is the protein released from the pets dander (dead skin cells) and/or their saliva.


10. Stinging and bitting insects. Acute reactions to an insect sting or bite can be severe. Generally people who are extremely allergic to insects are recommended to carry and EpiPen with them at all times which can give them the time they need to get to an emergency room for further treatment.


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