Indoor Air Pollution Prevention

What causes indoor air pollution?

Poor Indoor air quality (IAQ) is due to the lack of a scientific method to remove airborne pollutants. Each quart of indoor air can contain tens of thousands of sub-micron invisible particles. Approximately 98-99% of all particles in the typical indoor environment are in the size range of 10 microns or less (by count).

Prevent indoor air pollution!

A true HEPA (High Efficient Particle Air) vacuum cleaner will give you heathier indoor air. A HEPA vacuum is the most efficient device capable of removing 99.97% of these small particles. WHY? Because you have total control over just how many of the air pollutants you extract from your indoor environment and how often you do it. As you use a HEPA vacuum it acts as an indoor air cleaner.


The amazing HEPA! A "True HEPA" filter maintains its efficiency over two to five years of life. These filters are available in many products these days, vacuums as well as indoor air purifiers.


The Sick House Doctor highly recommends that you consider only the highest quality units since there are many "HEPA Type" and inexpensive low-quality HEPA products on the market. Higher end products typically have better HEPA filters in them and will last longer.

Indoor Air Pollution Prevention Requires a Proven System!

Sick House SolutionsIf you really want to understand indoor air pollution and how to prevent it, consider the Sick House Solutions book which details a multitude of methods you must practice to have good indoor air. This valuable book shows you the proper methods and techniques for getting the most out of HEPA technology. The T.E.A.M. (Total Environmental Approach Methodology) system can turn sick houses into indoor havens starting in the first seven days. Click Here to obtain this proven system for your own home.

The methods and techniques shared in this valuable book are based on 25 plus years of research and works with just about any housing structure anywhere in the world! The Sick House Solution formula is a simple step-by-step system that can help cure indoor air pollution in your own home!

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