Home Safety Tips

Here are some valuable home safety tips to help make your home safer. Here are some common dangers in the home.

General Home Safety

  • Place all important emergency contact information and phone numbers by each telephone.
  • Always have at least one land line (wired) phone in the home.
  • All separate rugs should have nonskid backing.
  • Set the the water heater thermostat to 120 degrees or lower to prevent scalding.

Kitchen Safety

  • Make sure all cleaners and chemicals are stored out of reach of small children.
  • Always turn pan hadles to the rear or side when cooking.
  • Store all knives in a more secured location such as a knife rack or drawer.
  • Make sure window curtains are clear of all cooking appliances.

Bedroom Safety

  • Store a flashlight and fresh batteries within easy reach of your bed.
  • Utilize night lights between the bed and the bathroom.
  • Charge your mobile phone in your bedroom for quick emergency access.
  • Make sure quartz area lights are at least two feet from curtains.

Bathroom Safety

  • Use non-skid mats or strips in all showers and tubs.
  • Install grab bars on walls adjacent to bathtubs and toilets for seniors.
  • Make sure any electrical appliances (radio, TV, heater, hair dryer) are not used in any bathroom area.

Fire Safety

  • Make sure all family members and caregivers are familiar with performing emergency 911 procedures.
  • Check all fire extinguishers monthly and replace as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Install smoke alarms in hallway and attic areas and check batteries each time you change your clocks for daylight savings time in the spring and fall.

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