Asthma Relief

in Your Home Environment

Can you cure asthma symptoms in your own home? The answer is absolutely YES . . . with proper knowledge!

Much has been written about preventing asthma attacks by maintaining control over potential airborne triggers (allergens). In recent years, research has indicated that asthma reactions are actually severe allergic responses to triggers. Asthma reactions in the home environment are more prevelant among children than adults.

Asthmatic reactions can be minimized by utilizing some of the same techniques used to manage allergy symptoms. Here are some little known tips which are proven to control these potential asthma allergens in the home environment.

Technology to the Rescue

Using the proper technological devices can make the greatest impact in removing asthma-causing allergens from the home environment. Most asthma causing allergens are pollutant particles which must be removed from the air on a daily ongoing basis. HEPA or High Efficient Particle Air filter technology will drastically reduce asthma symptoms within days from it’s initial use. However, HEPA filtration devices must be used 24/7 to make a positive impact on the well-being of an asthmatic sufferer.

The Amazing HEPA Filter

A HEPA vacuum is the most valuable cleaning device you can use for reducing asthma-causing allergens in the indoor environment. While the HEPA vacuum is a portable device, it is should be thought of as an accurate cleaning device.

Why is this? Becuase you have total control over the surfaces that are cleaned. Each square inch of a surface that is HEPA vacuumed will remove hundreds of potential asthma triggers from the home environment; forever. Actually, I recommend to my asthma clients that they start using their HEPA vacuum daily for the first month followed by weekly thereafter.

HEPA air purifiers are the second best method for removing asthma triggers from the indoor environment. However, it is important to note that they remove the airborne particles only. Once a potential asthma allergen settles on furniture, flooring or other surfaces, it must then be removed with the HEPA vacuum.

Asthma Relief Requires a Proven System!

Sick House SolutionsThe good news is that you can drastically reduce asthma causing allergens by implementing a good system for their removal and control. The T.E.A.M. (Total Environmental Approach Methodology) system can turn sick houses into indoor havens starting in the first seven days. Click Here to obtain this proven system for your own home.

The methods and techniques shared in this valuable book are based on 25 plus years of research and works with just about any housing structure anywhere in the world! The Sick House Solution formula is a simple step-by-step system that can help cure asthma symptoms in your own home!

After all, your home is one of the only environments you have full control over and it is possible to make it your haven (free of asthma symptoms)throughout the future.

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