Asthma Images

These asthma images and asthma pictures help tell the story about this terrible disease which afflicts 34 million people in the US and over 300 million worldwide.


Practice these steps before and after workouts to decrease the incidence of Exercise Induced Asthma Attacks!


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has published six strategies listed in the image above for a coordinated asthma health program utilized by public schools.


This chart illustrates how many asthma triggers including indoor pollutants can lead to inflammation of the breathing airway. Controlling indoor air pollutant particles will reduce asthma attacks while at home.


 This chart illustrates how many health symptoms which may be directly and indirectly related to chronic asthma.


It is believed that over 0.5% of cats suffer from feline asthma requiring their owners to monitor and treat their cats on a daily basis. Your pets will also benefit from having improved indoor air quality.

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