Allergy Images

These allergy images and allergy pictures illustrate the fact that allergies are one of the most common illnesses throughout the world. Allergy related illnesses affect as many as 50 million people in the US alone and over 250 million worldwide.


This billboard was produced by the New York City Department of Health in an effort to reduce childhood exposure to second-hand smoke.



The chart above illustrates the four common types of an allergic reaction. This most common cause of allergic reactions in the home are inhalation (breathing in) of pollutant particles.


While allergy testing is an old method of bringing relief to sufferers, it can be one of the effective alternatives in addition to controlling airborne and food-related allergens.


Dust mite exposure is a very common allergen in the home environment and can be prevelant in the bedding, mattress and adjacent carpeting of a bedroom. Controlling excess dust mites can be achieved by indoor air pollution prevention.


We couldn't resist adding this great image for all you cat lovers out there.

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